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Generally, a business will sell faster and at a better price when sold through a Business Broker. Some of the reasons are:

Information Gathering: We will obtain from the business owner all the pertinent financial information necessary to be knowledgeable about the business and to structure the sale in a manner that is beneficial to both Seller and Buyer.

Market Valuation: This is a free service to Business Owners who are considering selling their business. Although the Asking Price is ultimately determined by the market place, this valuation will help the Seller establish the price range his business should be offered at.

Overpricing a business will eliminate the best of Buyers immediately, waste time, money and cause frustration which eventually leads to selling the business below market value.

Marketing: We use various methods to advertise and market your business for sale. These include, compiling a presentation package, newspaper, trade magazine and multiple web site advertising, participation in several statewide multiple listing service systems. In addition we network with hundreds of other brokers in the State of Florida and are members of the Florida Business Brokers Association, Business Brokers of Florida and the Commercial Real Estate .

Confidentiality: All advertising and marketing is performed in a confidential manner with all calls screened by our office. Potential Buyers are required to sign a confidentiality disclosure and are advised of the importance of keeping information confidential.

Screening of Buyers: We literally save you hundreds of hours of work by answering many of the initial questions of Potential Buyers and by screening them to assure they have the financial capability and experience to purchase your business.

Negotiations: Along with years of experience comes the negotiating skills needed to bring a favorable transaction together, and the ability to foresee and solve potential problems.

Assistance with the Sales Process: We will assist you in the often complicated process of Closing the Sale of your business. This includes assistance with due diligence, lease assignment, franchise and exclusive territory transfers, licensing, prorations and inventory.


Business Valuations are free of charge and are provided to help establish the price and terms under which a business will most likely sell.

Our fees for services, which include all services throughout the entire listing term, are paid from the proceeds of the sale and are due at closing. There is no fee charged unless we sell your business.

By using a Business Broker, your business will sell faster and will have more viable purchaser activity, which will save you time, frustration and, eventually, money.

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